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Parental Rights

The relationship between parents and schools in relation to the education that kids receive is paramount. Parents should and always have the right to be informed on what their kids are being taught in school. Schools should always be required to provide absolute transparency to parents without encumbrances. Our kids deserve the absolute best education without being exploited for purposes of indoctrination.

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Taxation and Cost of Living

Statistically speaking, Illinois residents pay some of the highest taxes in this nation. This is particularly true as far as property taxes are concerned. The extreme pain that is caused by high taxes is aggravated during this era of high inflation and economic uncertainty. Rusty will support solutions that reduce the very high taxes Illinoisans currently pay. Therefore, Rusty is proud to support legislation that will implement caps on property tax rates. Reducing the rising cost of living wherever possible will be one of Rusty’s top priorities as your elected state representative. Rusty believes that you as a citizen will spend your money better than the government will.

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Crime is currently being executed at a rate not seen previously in the history of DuPage County. At one time, DuPage served as a refuge from the problems that plague Cook County. Today, DuPage is suffering immensely from the crime that spills over from Cook County. The countless carjackings, shootings (such as what happened at Oak Brook Mall and Safari Land), home invasions and other acts of mayhem is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Rusty supports measures to immediately address this pressing issue. Rusty intends to be one of the least popular candidates for elected office among violent criminals.

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Opioids / Opiates

An article summarizing Robert's views on opiates/opioids.

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